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Dietary Dangers

Can eating the same foods everyday be dangerous to one's health? Is it possible to become ill from eating the same foods, the same way all the time?  This article helps to start a conversation about the myths and facts about how eating the same foods everyday may or may not be harmful to the body.
A recent well-written article on Linkedin, published March 14, 2017, exposed why successful people wear the same clothing everyday. It is a good synopsis on the points why business professionals design wardrobes that are basic and non-binding. It makes sense that business owners tend to decision-making that disperses enormous energy. Mundane tasks such as food shopping and daily wardrobe choice, help to distract from the need to be clear-minded when making strategic professional moves. Directing business deals obviously includes the importance of healthy diets, exercises and other general wellness skills such as being mentally fit through having fun, healthy relationships and relaxation. An interesting point the article, “Why Successful Individuals Wear The Same Outfit Daily” by Vincent Carlos of Linkedin states is point 5. Here, the author of that article expresses part of the “to do's” successful persons add to their daily regime entails, how to not waste brainpower by eating the same foods daily. The following is the quote from the list:
  • “5. Make a few meals that you have every day the same. This can be a great dieting tool, but the main idea is you don’t want to be worrying about what to make, which ingredients to use and what the nutritional value of each meal is throughout the day, everyday.”
Make sense? Perhaps. Especially if those dietary meals have been broken down to contain what is believed to have strong nutritional value. It certainly appears to be a sensible suggestion for helping to save brainpower, not having to fuss over meal preparation, if one does not have a personal chef. Nevertheless, eating the same foods, the same way daily could also help to destroy the power of the body to use nutrients most effectively, especially when it comes to maintaining weight control. Eating the same foods consistently long-term has also been documented to cause possible allergic reactions.
According to various scientific research, including that promoted by Dr. Williams Sears, founder of the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, when the body absorbs a variety of types of foods, as opposed to a strict diet of little diversity, it is easier to control weight. Being overweight can be an element to becoming a forerunner to diabetes, as the The Institute of Food Technologists' agree. View the following quotes as to what happens when the body has a variety of food from expert advising:
  • “Each type of food and micronutrient seems to have a [bacterial] specialist that can utilize it. So maybe the best diet has a little bit of everything,” says Mark Heiman, Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of Microbiome Therapeutics.
In the words of Dr. Mike Roussell answering the question of whether eating the same thing everyday may or may not have the best benefits, he answers in an article at
  • “Eating similar meals day in and day out is a valuable and effective strategy for successful long-term weight maintenance, but yes, this type of diet may have nutritional gaps.”
Of course, it is all a matter of just what one considers eating the same foods all the time might mean. It could be that one choices food groups that compliment each other in ways that there is synergy of nutrients being gained throughout the week. Eating for instance only brown rice and green vegetables for meals, though it may seem to hold many nutrients, if fruits and possibly legumes are not added throughout the day or week, the benefits of those foods, would be lost. The best suggestions we might give ourselves when it comes to dieting whether for healthy eating or health maintenance due to chronic conditions is to take into consideration the eye catching food preparation, textures and a variety of foods to help one's body and mind benefit from finding food satisfying and having nutritional benefits that will aid in self-management of a healthy eating lifestyle.  Of additional importance about food preparation and dietary needs is how being informed about food synergy is paramount. 

Consider when preparing dishes, to investigate how the makeup of food choices may help or not help with weight control, blood sugar control or inflammation: a culprit in designing many health conditions.  Various strains of gut bacteria affect our health.  Eating healthy foods or diets based in healthy eating habits affects how gut bacteria is created: improving healthy living or diminishing the ability to live healthier.

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Health Promotion

In honor of World Health Day, which is April 7th of every year, this article includes various dates celebrated world wide that engages health education about various chronic diseases. World Health Days are filled with activities for singles and families that can include, entertainment, booths, dietary information and Community Health Workers that can supply both pamphlets with additional information and resources for self-care management or referrals. The events are generally sponsored by The World Health Organization.

The following is an exact quote from a page from the World Health Organization.  According to the World Health Organization:

"Chronic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes are by far the leading cause of mortality in the world, representing 60% of all deaths.  Out of the 35 million people who died from chronic disease in 2005, half were under 70 and half were women."

These alarming statistics are interesting since they are more than 10 years old.  A question that seems reasonable to ask about the WHO quote is, "Have these statistics on mortality due to chronic diseases, increased or decreased since 2005 when it was released?" We must take into consideration, it is a research methodology that could have taken as much as a few years to design, at least, its calculated results.  The list below are day long events to help alleviate those statistics through health awareness and health conditions that are chronic through these special education events.  They may or may not be all inclusive at the writing of this article.  January, July and August are not listed on this calendar, as there are different types of events during those months not related to the coverage of this article. Included in the article is World Blood Donor Day.  Special mention however, for new mothers and parents:  Breastfeeding week is August 1st.

World Cancer Day                  February 4

Childhood Cancer Day           February 15

World Kidney Day                  March 9

Tuberculosis (TB) Day            March 24

World Health Day                   April  7

Worth Malaria Day                 April 25

World Asthma Day                  May  2

World Thalassemia Day          May  8

World Hypertension Day         May 17

World "No" Tobacco Day        May 31

World Environment Day          June 5

World Blood Donor Day           June 14

World Sickle Cell Day               June 19

World Hepatitis Day                 June 28

World Alzheimer's Day             September 21

World Heart Day                       September 29 

World Mental Health Day         October 10  

World Anti-Obesity Day            October 11

World Arthritis Day                   October 12

World Polio Day                         October 24

World Diabetes Day                   November 14

World COPD Day                      November 15

World AIDS Day                        December 1                     

A special acknowledgement that the aforementioned are only days of a month, set apart as full days of education on chronic diseases in every state of the union and abroad. Nevertheless, there are Health Month Promotions, weekly promos and special events throughout neighborhoods and health facilities all year round, every year. A common month that effects non-smokers and smokers alike is National Smoke Out Month practiced in the United States for more than two decades.

A healthy lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition are values that help secure positive outcomes with self-care management and medical adherence. One cannot expect to medicate or have a healthy mental state without including L.E.A.N., a program I am certified. It is scientific based, therefore, L.E.A. N. lessons are necessary balances to health. How to stay healthy begins with making regular doctor appointments and health education. World Health Days, boost to have success rates for those who want or need to be informed about chronic health conditions in ways that inform about how to combat or management illnesses. The event full days are free, family orientated and for everyone who wants to have a healthy longevity.

If you were to ask me for any suggestions about World Health Days, I would say, first make a copy of this list and post it in your home, workplace or carry it on your person. Save a life, by passing along the knowledge of the existence of World Health Days list and the discuss the importance wellness.
We all have time to make the kick off events for World Health Day, April 7th 2017, the day of a new post on this blog.  New posts on this blog are on the 7th, 17th and 27th of each month.

Be Well

Monday, March 6, 2017

Mind Control

When some people use or hear the words, "mind control", the words are often interpreted as an image of conspiracy theory or theories by an extrinsic power or persons "controlling" the thoughts of publics to the sender of the message or receiver.  The original common use of the words, however, were based in identifying how to control one's own thoughts, especially for help in mental stability or prowess. It is the conscientious effort of being focus on goals that can lend to what social scientist, community health experts and mental health professionals theorize as successfully obtaining them using "the power within."  It is this "power" that can be triggered using mind control as a means of a self-empowerment tool. The premise of this blog will be to introduce skills on how communication arts and the thought process, strategies or theories on how mind control can be a powerful talent for adherence to produce positive productive personal achievements and wellness, will be met.

Mind control or learning how to control the mind in a goal orientated daily experience is paramount for successful relationships and to complete tasks. Effective guidance while being an expert at understanding one's needs can be the beginning of self-management care and better established medical adherence. When taking into consideration client centered support systems, it is the expert within that Appreciative Coaches seek to evoke in their clients.  The process of being evoked helps to propel one's passion to excel, increasing change talk and motivation to change at an accelerated rate.

Anyone who has not been diagnosed with mental illness has the power within to say stop to what they may feel is negative energy or no to request by an individual or individuals for services or invitations, they are not comfortable during personal encounters.  Obviously, there are authoritative circumstances such as when at a workplace or within an educational system that could have restrictions on how one can respond to requests.  Within personal space encounters nevertheless, to do the opposite of how one feels deep within one's psyche about not wanting to participate in an event, can lead to resentment or a depressed state. That state of depression could be temporary or even long-term depression. Learning to feed one's mind with a state of wellness that includes satisfying personal needs is part of controlling one's mind to stay true to heartfelt desires and the right to one's autonomy.

Consider changing your mindset about what mind control or controlling your mind can mean.  If you were to ask how, I would suggest, as an example, if it were for seeking wellness: start by seeking to remember the power of words. Change talk statements such as, "I am going to control my mind to believe healthier eating habits will give me the strength to succeed at my goals of becoming or staying well." A coach can help you with motivation to change behaviors in dieting, exercise or wellness goals, but if you seek assistance from a Master Certified Health Coach, your mindset must show readiness to change.  This can be detected through active progressive change talk and the spirit of motivational interviewing conducted by a coach.  Accepting that there is power in words can be a great start to becoming engaged in learning ways to live a healthier lifestyle, using mind control. This is true for both maintenance of the body or to help enhance positive physical reactions to medical adherence for chronic illnesses.

May You Experience a Brighter Today and Tomorrow

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