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Dietary Dangers

Can eating the same foods everyday be dangerous to one's health? Is it possible to become ill from eating the same foods, the same way all the time?  This article helps to start a conversation about the myths and facts about how eating the same foods everyday may or may not be harmful to the body.
A recent well-written article on Linkedin, published March 14, 2017, exposed why successful people wear the same clothing everyday. It is a good synopsis on the points why business professionals design wardrobes that are basic and non-binding. It makes sense that business owners tend to decision-making that disperses enormous energy. Mundane tasks such as food shopping and daily wardrobe choice, help to distract from the need to be clear-minded when making strategic professional moves. Directing business deals obviously includes the importance of healthy diets, exercises and other general wellness skills such as being mentally fit through having fun, healthy relationships and relaxation. An interesting point the article, “Why Successful Individuals Wear The Same Outfit Daily” by Vincent Carlos of Linkedin states is point 5. Here, the author of that article expresses part of the “to do's” successful persons add to their daily regime entails, how to not waste brainpower by eating the same foods daily. The following is the quote from the list:
  • “5. Make a few meals that you have every day the same. This can be a great dieting tool, but the main idea is you don’t want to be worrying about what to make, which ingredients to use and what the nutritional value of each meal is throughout the day, everyday.”
Make sense? Perhaps. Especially if those dietary meals have been broken down to contain what is believed to have strong nutritional value. It certainly appears to be a sensible suggestion for helping to save brainpower, not having to fuss over meal preparation, if one does not have a personal chef. Nevertheless, eating the same foods, the same way daily could also help to destroy the power of the body to use nutrients most effectively, especially when it comes to maintaining weight control. Eating the same foods consistently long-term has also been documented to cause possible allergic reactions.
According to various scientific research, including that promoted by Dr. Williams Sears, founder of the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, when the body absorbs a variety of types of foods, as opposed to a strict diet of little diversity, it is easier to control weight. Being overweight can be an element to becoming a forerunner to diabetes, as the The Institute of Food Technologists' agree. View the following quotes as to what happens when the body has a variety of food from expert advising:
  • “Each type of food and micronutrient seems to have a [bacterial] specialist that can utilize it. So maybe the best diet has a little bit of everything,” says Mark Heiman, Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of Microbiome Therapeutics.
In the words of Dr. Mike Roussell answering the question of whether eating the same thing everyday may or may not have the best benefits, he answers in an article at
  • “Eating similar meals day in and day out is a valuable and effective strategy for successful long-term weight maintenance, but yes, this type of diet may have nutritional gaps.”
Of course, it is all a matter of just what one considers eating the same foods all the time might mean. It could be that one choices food groups that compliment each other in ways that there is synergy of nutrients being gained throughout the week. Eating for instance only brown rice and green vegetables for meals, though it may seem to hold many nutrients, if fruits and possibly legumes are not added throughout the day or week, the benefits of those foods, would be lost. The best suggestions we might give ourselves when it comes to dieting whether for healthy eating or health maintenance due to chronic conditions is to take into consideration the eye catching food preparation, textures and a variety of foods to help one's body and mind benefit from finding food satisfying and having nutritional benefits that will aid in self-management of a healthy eating lifestyle.  Of additional importance about food preparation and dietary needs is how being informed about food synergy is paramount. 

Consider when preparing dishes, to investigate how the makeup of food choices may help or not help with weight control, blood sugar control or inflammation: a culprit in designing many health conditions.  Various strains of gut bacteria affect our health.  Eating healthy foods or diets based in healthy eating habits affects how gut bacteria is created: improving healthy living or diminishing the ability to live healthier.

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